Tip: No Mess Piping Bags 零清洗唧袋法

I am sharing with you the coolest and neatest trick for filling up a piping bag with icing today. I learned this trick from a cake forum many years ago and have switched to this method ever since. if you have only one or two piping bags but have different colors to pipe with, or are simply too tired of washing up greasy piping bags, this method will save your day. It’s completely mess-free and I am sure you will be satisfied with it!

今天要分享史上最强的入唧袋方法! 這是EC多年前在一個外國蛋糕討論區學會的, 一試之後便幾乎沒有用回老方法了… 如果你只有一、兩個唧花袋, 卻要唧幾種顔色, 又或者討厭清洗油腻的唧袋, 你一定要學會此絕技.  EC包你滿意這個省時快捷的小方法.


Tip: No Mess Piping Bags

Here’s how you do it  做法:

Divide your icing (it’s Swiss meringue buttercream here) into bowls then color them with icing colors.
將霜飾分配入小碗, 加入色膏調色. (這是瑞士蛋白奶油霜).

Get a piece of plastic food wrap about 8 inches long. Place icing on top. Lift up one corner and fold it over to cover the icing. Then slowly wrap icing into a cone shape. Twist both ends and tie the longer end with a knot.
取一大張保鮮紙(大約八吋長), 將霜飾放在上面. 將其中一角摺起蓋着霜飾, 慢慢卷起成圓稚型, 將上下扭成一條, 在厚的一邊打上死結.


Place coupler in piping bag then insert the icing tube into it, bringing the untied end through the coupler. Snip off the end with a pair of scissors. Screw on the decorating tip and coupler ring. Start piping as you normally would.
唧袋放入轉換器, 再將霜飾放入(沒打結那邊先入), 穿過轉換器拉出. 用剪刀剪去突出的部份, 扭上唧咀和轉換器環子就可以開始唧花哦!
wpid-20141115_100012_1_wm.jpg wpid-20141115_100448_1_wm.jpg wpid-20141115_102524_1_wm.jpg

When you are done, simply twist off the cap then pull the icing tube out from the tied end. Switch color, screw on the coupler ring and tip, then pipe again! The piping bag itself is completely clean. All you need to wash is the decorating tip! Isn’t that the coolest trick on earth ever?
唧花完成時, 只要除掉唧咀及轉換器環子, 將保鮮袋從上取走, 就可輕輕鬆鬆地轉色了! 唧袋不會沾到霜飾, 清洗的只不過是唧咀! 這還不是史上最強?

Check out this video if you would like to see how I piped this miniature rose and leaves. It was not professionally filmed and full of my son’s nagging though. I hope you don’t mind. (The tools I used are Wilton #21 open star tip for the flowers and Wilton #352 tip for the leaves.)
想知道EC怎樣唧這朵小花和葉子霜飾, 可以看看此短片, 沒有專業設備, 小兒子又在旁不停說話, 大家別介意呀!
(EC用的是Wilton #21 開口花嘴和Wilton #352 葉型花嘴)

Happy Decorating =)

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