No Bake Durian Cheese Tart 免焗榴槤芝士撻

The City of Toronto has entered stage 3 of the reopening plan and restaurants are now allowed to reopen for indoor dining. We were still vigilant and only ordered take out and celebrated my 40th birthday at home. I made this tart as dessert and I had to make it twice simply due to my... Continue Reading →

Mango Tart with Dark Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream 芒果撻配朱古力慕絲和卡士達醬

It was my son’s 8th birthday last week and instead of making a cake for him, I made a fruit tart. The tart shell was a tweak from Chocolate Mixed Berry Tartlets and I used pastry flour and icing sugar to make the texture more crumbly. In order to prevent the shell from being too... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pie 南瓜批

Pumpkin season is here! I’ve baked my first pumpkin pie of the year with kabocha squash last week. I love using kabocha squashes (AKA Japanese pumpkins or Mami squashes) in my baking and treats because of their fluffy texture and natural sweetness. My favorite kind of pie crust is the flaky one and I am sharing with you... Continue Reading →

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