Espresso Chocolate Spritz Cookies 朱古力咖啡唧花牛油曲奇

Spritz cookies can be a little tricky to make. I have heard complaints about the batter being too stiff to handle and that the cookies losing shape in the oven. In order to be successful, it is crucial for the batter to be at the right consistency. For how to achieve the optimal consistency without … Continue reading Espresso Chocolate Spritz Cookies 朱古力咖啡唧花牛油曲奇

Viennese Sablés 維也納曲奇(唧花牛油曲奇)

I have been experimenting with cookie recently. It is just a simple cookie recipe that is shaped by piping but I’ve spent two weeks to compare various ingredients in order to find out what texture I prefer most. EC這陣子都在研究曲奇。其實這只是材料及做法簡單不過的擠花牛油曲奇,但EC花了兩星期做實驗比較材料以便尋找自己最喜歡的口感。 The ingredients being used is extremely important in creating the cookie that you wish for. Preference … Continue reading Viennese Sablés 維也納曲奇(唧花牛油曲奇)

Sakura Macarons (Swiss Method) 櫻花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

I prepared a macaron tower for my friend’s wedding banquet over the past weekend. The three designs were inspired by floral and tea flavors and sakura was one of them. I used pickled sakura (cherry blossom) as decoration and paired it up with white chocolate ganache. This sweet and salty combination was pretty good. EC於過去週末為朋友的婚宴做了馬卡龍塔,以花及茶為題設計了三種馬卡龍口味,以鹽漬櫻花作裝飾的馬卡龍是其中一款。馬卡龍以白朱古力醬作餡料,變出甜中帶咸的組合,EC覺得味道不錯。 … Continue reading Sakura Macarons (Swiss Method) 櫻花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

Lavender Osmanthus Macarons (Swiss Method) 薰衣草桂花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

This was another macaron flavor I tested over the previous couple of weeks. I got a bag of dried lavender buds from my friend so I was eager to try it on my macarons. The shells were made with the Swiss method as in my Earl Grey and Orange Macarons. Instead of using Earl Grey … Continue reading Lavender Osmanthus Macarons (Swiss Method) 薰衣草桂花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

Earl Grey Orange Macarons (Swiss Method) 伯爵茶香橙馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

I am sharing with you today a macaron recipe that is prepared with a less known method -- the Swiss meringue method. To make a Swiss meringue, egg whites and sugar are placed together in a mixing bowl and then warmed over a double boiler until sugar is dissolved. The mixture is then whipped at … Continue reading Earl Grey Orange Macarons (Swiss Method) 伯爵茶香橙馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

Vegan Chocolate Soft Cookies 純素朱古力軟曲奇

A friend of mine is allergic to eggs and dairy products. Recently she asked me if I have any baked good recipes that are egg and dairy free. I’ve replaced butter with oil or dairy-free butter and milk with soy, almond or cashew milk before. However, to be honest, I seldom exclude eggs in my … Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Soft Cookies 純素朱古力軟曲奇

Mini Chinese Walnut Cookies 迷你合桃酥

There are various approaches to make Chinese walnut cookies. Different ingredients and mixing methods produce cookies with different flavors and textures. My walnut cookies evolved from the bite-sized Chinese almond cookies. They are crunchy, nutty and not overly sweet at all. The addition of chopped walnuts leads to extra texture. Once you munch on the … Continue reading Mini Chinese Walnut Cookies 迷你合桃酥