Durian Mochi 榴槤糯米糍

My husband and I are both a big fan of durian. However, the price for fresh durian is way too much in Toronto. We could only enjoy them every time we visit my in-laws in Hong Kong. My friend sent me a pack of frozen durian as a gift last month and I didn't open … Continue reading Durian Mochi 榴槤糯米糍

Red Bean Soup 紅豆沙

I’m sharing with you a super easy and convenient way to prepare red bean soup. With the help of an electric pressure cooker, there is no need to soak the beans and the beans are all soft and mushy after pressure cooking for 40 minutes. Bear in mind not to release pressure right away or … Continue reading Red Bean Soup 紅豆沙

Chinese Sweet Potato Dessert Soup 番薯糖水

Tong Sui, literally “sugar water”, refers to the sweet and soup like dessert served at the end of a meal in the Chinese culture. Dessert soup made with sweet potatoes is one of the easiest ones to make. All you need is to dump the cubed sweet potatoes and ginger slices into water, boil until … Continue reading Chinese Sweet Potato Dessert Soup 番薯糖水

Mizu Yokan (Red Bean Jelly) 紅豆水羊羹

I was left with some unused red bean paste and a bunch of frozen chestnuts ever since Mid Autumn Festival so I need to think of some ways to get rid of them. One treats that I made was Red Bean Sticky Rice Roll and this time I've decided to make some Japanese desserts. 中秋節後遺症是剩下一堆紅豆沙及急凍栗子肉要逐一殲滅!不久之前EC做了豆沙糯米卷,今次則嘗試了日式甜點。 … Continue reading Mizu Yokan (Red Bean Jelly) 紅豆水羊羹

Purple Sweet Potato Mochi 紫薯糯米糍

Mid autumn festival is already over but I still have several purple sweet potatoes and half a carton of coconut cream lett in my fridge after making my mooncakes (read about my blog posts, Coconut Purple Sweet Potato Snow Skin Mooncakes and Crispy Coconut Sweet Potato Mooncakes). I turned the leftover ingredients into mochi in … Continue reading Purple Sweet Potato Mochi 紫薯糯米糍