Mini Flower Pot Cakes 迷你盆栽蛋糕

I made these individual desserts for my family over the weekend. The flower pots, the topsoil and the plants were all edible! I was trying to let my daughter helped me with the unmolding but she broke one of the pots as she squeezed too hard. I asked her to do the planting instead. Poor... Continue Reading →

Ovaltine Charlotte (A “Tiramisu” without Raw Eggs, Coffee & Liquor) 阿華田夏洛特蛋糕(三無 “Tiramisu” –無生蛋、咖啡和酒)

Whenever I have my tiramisu dessert, my younger son would keep begging for his share. Although my tiramisu is eggless, how could I feed him with something that is alcoholic and contains coffee? Feeling guilty, I turned this Italian dessert (with reference to my eggless tiramisu) into a kid-friendly dessert that my kids and my... Continue Reading →

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