Vanilla Shortbread Cookies 雲呢拿牛油酥餅曲奇

I made several versions of these shortbread cookies for a church event back in June (refer to my blog post, Espresso Shortbread Cookies for details) and I kept forgetting to post the recipes for the other flavours. Here is the recipe for the vanilla ones. You can adjust the crumbliness by playing around with the... Continue Reading →

Espresso Shortbread Cookies 特濃咖啡牛油酥餅

I made these cookies for the annual Community Day held at our church in June. They are simple to make and most of all, egg-free! I created 4 different flavours (original, espresso, chocolate and matcha) and today I’m sharing with you the espresso ones. I packed these little cookies in sealed food bags and, together... Continue Reading →

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