Maple Orange Madeleines 楓糖香橙瑪德蓮

Madeleines are famous French little cakes (some refer them as cookies) with a shell-like shape and characteristic dome on the back. These buttery cakes are crispy around the edges yet soft and spongy inside. I bought a new over-sized madeleine pan during my Hong Kong trip. Each cavity had a capacity of 60 ml so... Continue Reading →

Maple Chiffon Cake 楓糖戚風蛋糕

This chiffon cake is based on my Vanilla Chiffon Cake recipe. I omitted the vanilla bean paste and flavored it with maple syrup and round cake pan instead of tube pan was used. The cake was not served upside down so in order to develop a nice crack on top, I cut the surface open... Continue Reading →

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