Sakura Macarons (Swiss Method) 櫻花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

I prepared a macaron tower for my friend’s wedding banquet over the past weekend. The three designs were inspired by floral and tea flavors and sakura was one of them. I used pickled sakura (cherry blossom) as decoration and paired it up with white chocolate ganache. This sweet and salty combination was pretty good. EC於過去週末為朋友的婚宴做了馬卡龍塔,以花及茶為題設計了三種馬卡龍口味,以鹽漬櫻花作裝飾的馬卡龍是其中一款。馬卡龍以白朱古力醬作餡料,變出甜中帶咸的組合,EC覺得味道不錯。... Continue Reading →

Lavender Osmanthus Macarons (Swiss Method) 薰衣草桂花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

This was another macaron flavor I tested over the previous couple of weeks. I got a bag of dried lavender buds from my friend so I was eager to try it on my macarons. The shells were made with the Swiss method as in my Earl Grey and Orange Macarons. Instead of using Earl Grey... Continue Reading →

Black Sesame Macarons 黑芝麻馬卡龍

French macarons flavored with nutty black sesame seeds and filled with silky vanilla buttercream… yum! The buttercream (German buttercream) is made with egg yolks so there is no need to worry about what to do with the leftover yolks! 淡淡黑芝麻香的法式馬卡龍+幼滑的雲尼拿奶油霜=美味!蛋黃奶油霜(German buttercream)以蛋黃作材料,這樣便不用擔心如何處置做馬卡龍時剩下的蛋黃了。 For my tips for making French macarons, please visit my Mocha Macarons post. 有關EC的馬卡龍製作心得,請參閱Mocha馬卡龍。... Continue Reading →

Coffee and Baileys Macarons 咖啡Baileys馬卡龍

With a simple twist of my basic macaron recipe, this irresistible Coffee and Baileys macarons is born! 只要在原味馬卡龍上作少許更改,便成為有咖啡香又有酒香的馬卡龍了! For my tips for making French macarons, please visit my Mocha Macarons post. 有關EC的馬卡龍製作心得,請參閱Mocha馬卡龍。 Coffee and Baileys Macarons 咖啡Baileys馬卡龍 makes about 24 to 26 sandwiched cookies 約24至26個份量 Ingredients For the Coffee Macaron Shells 60 g egg whites... Continue Reading →

French Macarons 法式馬卡龍

I am sharing with you my French macaron recipe today. I have tried different recipes and played around with different ratios. This is “the one” after so many trials and errors. My recipe is more like a set of numbers -- ratios of egg white, sugars and ground almond. The numbers are calculated based on... Continue Reading →

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