Earl Grey Cookies 伯爵茶曲奇

After posting my previous cutout cookies recipe, a reader asked me why I didn’t make my cookies with the traditional creaming method and if it was okay to use cake flour instead of all purpose flour. Well, it’s all about personal preferences. As previously explained in my blog post, Piped Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies, your … Continue reading Earl Grey Cookies 伯爵茶曲奇

Chinese Almond Cookies (Bite-sized) 一口杏仁酥

This all happened last year...I finally got some time to sit down (with a cup of hot coffee) and blog about my adventure. With reference to a couple of cookbooks and online resources, as well as my previous baking experience, I was able to develop the Chinese almond cookie recipe that I truly love and … Continue reading Chinese Almond Cookies (Bite-sized) 一口杏仁酥

Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Crunchy) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆脆口感)

For me there are four no-no's when it comes to making delicious,  crunchy cookies that will hold their shapes after baking. 1.  No baking powder or soda.  These are chemical leavening agents which will cause your cookies to puff up and rise. 2.  Do not beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Air bubbles … Continue reading Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Crunchy) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆脆口感)