Piped Chocolate Shortbread Cookies 朱古力唧花牛油酥餅

Piped shortbread cookies are my family’s all-time-favourite but they are a nightmare for me to make. Women’s wrists (or is it just mine???) are simply not strong enough for the piping job, especially during the winter. In my experience, at cool room temperature, the cookie dough is usually too firm for piping. My wrists would... Continue Reading →

Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies 雙重朱古力燕麥曲奇

Have you ever bought a large bag of rolled oats but then could not finish it before it turned stale? I do. I eat oats the following ways: cook oatmeal with milk, soak oats with cold milk, add cut up fresh fruits and leave it in the fridge to make overnight oats, cook with rice... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Soft and Tender) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆化口感)

This is my chocolate version of the cutout cookies that was adapted from Vanilla Bean Cutout Cookies in which I replaced 15% of the flour with unsweetened cocoa powder. The percentage of cocoa powder could be adjusted according to taste or the brand being used.這是朱古力口味印模牛油曲奇,配方修改自雲尼拿印模曲奇,EC把麵粉的15%改成無糖可可粉。由於不同牌子的可可粉濃度和個人口味有別,大家可自行增減可可粉的比例。 These cookies are very soft and tender in texture and... Continue Reading →

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