Kahlua Chiffon Cake 咖啡酒戚風蛋糕

I am not a drinker and usually use alcohol only for cooking and baking. A splash of Kahlua liqueur definitely adds an unique flavor profile to any cake, and this chiffon cake is one of the liqueur-infused cakes that I (as well as other coffee lovers) would enjoy. This recipe is written specifically for the... Continue Reading →

Mocha Chiffon Cake 莫卡戚風蛋糕

Chocolate and coffee are both my favorite.  This mocha chiffon cake is not a new recipe.  It’s just my chocolate chiffon cake recipe with some espresso powder added. The cake was baked in a square cake pan and then made into bite-sized snacks. I stored them in an air-tight container and would snack on one a few whenever... Continue Reading →

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