Double Chocolate Chiffon Cake 雙重朱古力戚風蛋糕

I am running low on my favorite Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa powder so I have to use it sparingly until I travel to the States next time (ya so sad that it is no longer available in Canada). I want a cake that doesn’t depend on too much cocoa powder but is still full of chocolaty … Continue reading Double Chocolate Chiffon Cake 雙重朱古力戚風蛋糕

Chocolate Chiffon Cake 朱古力戚風蛋糕

This recipe was first published on my Facebook page in August, 2014 (see my post here). I shared all my pictures and recipes initially on my page but then I started to realize that it was quite inconvenient for me or my readers to look for a particular recipe. Finally I purchased my own domain … Continue reading Chocolate Chiffon Cake 朱古力戚風蛋糕