Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch 杏仁朱古力拖肥糖

Candy making is so much fun. It may seem intimidating but all you need is to pay attention to the temperature, which can be easily done if you own a candy or digital thermometer. This chocolate almond buttercrunch is delicious. The crunchy toffee is mixed with almond pieces and then covered with a layer of chocolate … Continue reading Chocolate Almond Buttercrunch 杏仁朱古力拖肥糖

Two-Colored Brown Butter Almond Cookies 雙色焦牛油曲奇

When wheat flour is mixed with water, gluten (a kind of protein) is formed.  Excess gluten caused by continued mixing makes cakes and cookies to be rubbery and tough.  This recipe is designed to minimize the formation of gluten by using the reverse (or two-stage) mixing method.  Fats and dry ingredients are first combined.  When … Continue reading Two-Colored Brown Butter Almond Cookies 雙色焦牛油曲奇