Sweet Red Bean Paste 紅豆沙餡

I have been making mooncake fillings these couple of days (read about my sugar-free lotus seed paste here and coffee salted caramel white bean paste here). I'm sharing with you today how I made my red bean paste. This is a modified version of the red bean paste I used for my snowskin mooncakes last... Continue Reading →

Coffee Salted Caramel White Bean Paste 咖啡海鹽焦糖豆沙餡

I made some bean paste with white kidney beans yesterday. White kidney beans taste pretty bland so the paste will be ready to take on any flavor that is added to it. I have a small bowl of leftover salted caramel sauce that I used for making cake before so I started experimenting with the... Continue Reading →

Homemade Golden Syrup 自製金黃糖漿

I’m planning to make Chinese mooncakes the following week and here is how I prepared my homemade golden syrup. Omnivore's Cookbook has discussed thoroughly about this topic and I found her blog post super informative. If you have never made any golden syrup before do visit her blog. EC準備下週開始製作廣式月餅,以下是自製金黃糖漿的做法。Omnivore's Cookbook詳細地記錄了糖漿的製作過程,網誌內容十分詳盡,資料也很豐富,EC覺得新手值得一看。 Homemade Golden Syrup 自製金黃糖漿 Makes 320... Continue Reading →

Homemade Lemon Curd 檸檬醬

I have lots of leftover egg yolks after making my macarons so I've decided to make some lemon curd. This sweet and tart lemon curd is the perfect treat for the summer. With cornstarch added, this lemon curd has a firmer texture that is able hold its shape at room temperature, which is just perfect... Continue Reading →

Homemade Mascarpone 自製mascarpone芝士

Do you know that mascarpone, the main ingredients found in tiramisu, can be made at home? If I tell you that, to make your own mascarpone, all you need is some whipping cream, lemon juice or white vinegar, an instant-read thermometer, together with some common kitchen utensils, and that 350 g of mascarpone cheese costs... Continue Reading →

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