Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 朱古力粒軟曲奇

Here comes another chocolate chip cookie recipe! I have shared a couple of  chocolate chip cookie recipes before and each of them has a unique texture because of the choice and ratios of ingredients as well as mixing method. If you would like to see how various ingredients and baking temperature affect the shapes and... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Soft and Tender) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆化口感)

This is my chocolate version of the cutout cookies that was adapted from Vanilla Bean Cutout Cookies in which I replaced 15% of the flour with unsweetened cocoa powder. The percentage of cocoa powder could be adjusted according to taste or the brand being used.這是朱古力口味印模牛油曲奇,配方修改自雲尼拿印模曲奇,EC把麵粉的15%改成無糖可可粉。由於不同牌子的可可粉濃度和個人口味有別,大家可自行增減可可粉的比例。 These cookies are very soft and tender in texture and... Continue Reading →

Earl Grey Cookies 伯爵茶曲奇

After posting my previous cutout cookies recipe, a reader asked me why I didn’t make my cookies with the traditional creaming method and if it was okay to use cake flour instead of all purpose flour. Well, it’s all about personal preferences. As previously explained in my blog post, Piped Vanilla Bean Shortbread Cookies, your... Continue Reading →

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