Airfryer Doughnuts 氣炸鍋冬甩

I couldn’t resist the price reduction so purchased my first airfryer during the Black Friday sale in November. Today I’d love to share with you my doughnut recipe. Fried doughnuts have been on my to-make list for a long time but the messy and unhealthy frying part has discouraged me from making them. I do... Continue Reading →

Pai Bao (Hong Kong Style Sweet Milk Buns) 湯種排包

This is my own version of Pai Bao made with Tangzhong. The use of coconut oil (instead of butter) added a coconut aroma to the buns so they actually smelled like coconut buns sold in Chinese bakeries. Tangzhong makes the bread extra soft. The bread will be able to maintain moisture longer compared to one... Continue Reading →

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