Sakura Macarons (Swiss Method) 櫻花馬卡龍(瑞士式做法)

I prepared a macaron tower for my friend’s wedding banquet over the past weekend. The three designs were inspired by floral and tea flavors and sakura was one of them. I used pickled sakura (cherry blossom) as decoration and paired it up with white chocolate ganache. This sweet and salty combination was pretty good. EC於過去週末為朋友的婚宴做了馬卡龍塔,以花及茶為題設計了三種馬卡龍口味,以鹽漬櫻花作裝飾的馬卡龍是其中一款。馬卡龍以白朱古力醬作餡料,變出甜中帶咸的組合,EC覺得味道不錯。... Continue Reading →

Blueberry and White Chocolate Mousse Cake 藍莓白朱古力慕絲蛋糕

This three-layer cake was what I made for my family on Father’s Day last week. The bottom part was a fluffy chocolate chiffon cake layer, followed by a silky white chocolate mousse, then topped with a layer of creamy but not overly sweet blueberry cream cheese. I really love how purplish the top layer looked. The original... Continue Reading →

Red Bean White Chocolate Green Tea Mousse Cake 紅豆白朱古力綠茶慕士蛋糕

A four-layer cake that is made from scratch!  You don’t need much decorations for this cake as its beautiful layers are already an eye-catcher... The simpler the better 完全自家製的四層蛋糕, 分明的層次本身己是這個蛋糕的賣點, 太多裝飾反而會喧賓奪主!  有時簡單就是美 Red Bean White Chocolate Green Tea Mousse Cake 紅豆白朱古力綠茶慕士蛋糕 (makes a 6-inch cake  六寸份量) Ingredients 材料  Homemade organic red bean paste  自製有機蜜紅豆蓉 Organic red... Continue Reading →

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