Chocolate Mochi Waffles 朱古力味麻糬窩夫

I don’t usually add baking powder to my waffles (refer to my blog post, Asian-Style Waffles (No Baking Powder), for details) but recently I have been trying something new. I came across to Domestically Blissful’s Homemade Mochi Waffles recipe and I really loved how they turned out. The mochi waffles were crunchy outside with just … Continue reading Chocolate Mochi Waffles 朱古力味麻糬窩夫

Asian-Style Waffles (No Baking Powder) 亞洲式窩夫(不含泡打粉)

During the COVID-19 pandemic with school closures and hubby working from home, I have more time to prepare breakfast for my family and enjoy with them each morning before the kids head off to remote learning. Below is one of the things I often make for my family recently. 因為疫情關係,所有學校都停課了,老公也轉為在家工作。現在EC與家人有多些時間在家中慢慢享受早餐,之後孩子們才開始網課。以下是其中一個最近常做的早餐食譜。 I bought a Belgium waffle … Continue reading Asian-Style Waffles (No Baking Powder) 亞洲式窩夫(不含泡打粉)