Whole Wheat Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method) 湯種全麥頂角吐司

Just made a whole wheat sandwich loaf a couple of days ago. I sliced the loaf with the aid of a bread slicer which held the bread knife in place. I was glad that the slices were pretty neat and evenly sized. 幾天前做了全麥吐司,更用了麵包切片器輔助穩定麵包刀,切得很整齊平均,實在不錯呢! This was a 70% hydration dough as whole wheat flour took up... Continue Reading →

Milk Dinner Rolls (Tangzhong Method) 湯種牛奶小餐包

I am sharing with you today my recipe for a very tasty, soft and fluffy basic bread dough. It is made with a milk-based Tangzhong and proofed then baked in an oblong cake pan. Upon baking the rolls would attach to each other and become a pull-apart bread. When you tear the rolls apart you... Continue Reading →

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