Chocolate Sponge Cupcakes 朱古力海綿杯子蛋糕

Here is the cupcake version of my Chocolate Genoise (Dairy Free) that is made with milk. This is not the traditional way of making separated eggs method sponge cake. It involves beating the egg whites into a stiff meringue first before beating in the yolks. And then followed by the folding of flour, liquid (milk),... Continue Reading →

Sponge Cupcakes (Tang Mian Method) 燙麵法海綿杯子蛋糕

In January I’ve shared with my readers my recipe for Basic Chiffon Cupcakes and the recipe I’m sharing this time has one extra step which involves cooking the dough or the Tang Mian method. Here the dough is scalded with hot liquid to gelatinize the starch in the flour. Moisture will be locked in the... Continue Reading →

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