Durian Snow Skin Mooncakes 榴槤冰皮月餅

This is my last snow skin mooncake recipe of year 2017. I added a small amount of pandan juice to the dough for color so that the pandan flavor would not be too overpowering. The filling was made solely with durian and I bought frozen durian since fresh ones were way too expensive here in... Continue Reading →

Coconut Purple Sweet Potato Snow Skin Mooncakes 椰香紫薯冰皮月餅

Here’s another snow skin mooncake that I made today. I’ve come up with a more efficient way to flatten the dough and you will see a video demonstration at the end of the blog post. 這是今天製作的冰皮月餅,EC拍了短片示範包餡及印模過程,亦在片中分享了心得。 Make sure to have your dough and filling both thoroughly chilled before you begin wrapping and shaping. Chilling makes... Continue Reading →

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