Hong Kong Style Bunny Sausage Buns (Sponge Method) 小免子港式腸仔包(中種法)

I was looking up some shaping ideas for my sausage buns on the internet to make with my daughter and I came across a bunny shaped one that was really cute. On our first attempt we didn’t make the ears long enough so the buns didn’t really look like bunnies to me. The shaping got... Continue Reading →

Sausage Buns 腸仔包

I have been making bread at home more often since the lock-down at the end of March. Today I’m sharing with you how I made sausage buns. I really like how puffy the shape is and I learned this shaping method from my baking buddy Bonnie. As you could see from my blog post, Whole... Continue Reading →

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