Rock Cookies 黑芝麻花生酥

I have been developing my Chinese almond cookies recipe for a while. I ran out of grond almond last week so I tried to replace this with something else that I could find in my pantry. It turned out to be a great success as my family members and friends who tried these cookies all … Continue reading Rock Cookies 黑芝麻花生酥

Rocky Road Cookies 石板街曲奇

It was kitchen clean up day today and I found half a bag of mini marshmallow, a tiny bit of cashews and almond slices (and of course many other you-use-them-only-once-in-a while-but-need-to-buy-a-big-bag things) in my pantry.  So there came my Rocky Road Cookies.  I followed the dark chocolate chip cookies recipe I developed last time but … Continue reading Rocky Road Cookies 石板街曲奇