Sweet Red Bean Paste with Chen Pi (Dried Mandarin Peel) 陳皮豆沙餡

I’ve been making sweet red bean paste for my homemade mooncakes (read about my blog posts Sweet Red Bean Paste and Sugar-Free Sweet Red Bean Paste for more details) and this is the first time that I flavored it with Chen Pi. Everything is basically the same. I just dumped in some chen pi when... Continue Reading →

Red Bean Soup 紅豆沙

I’m sharing with you a super easy and convenient way to prepare red bean soup. With the help of an electric pressure cooker, there is no need to soak the beans and the beans are all soft and mushy after pressure cooking for 40 minutes. Bear in mind not to release pressure right away or... Continue Reading →

Red Bean White Chocolate Green Tea Mousse Cake 紅豆白朱古力綠茶慕士蛋糕

A four-layer cake that is made from scratch!  You don’t need much decorations for this cake as its beautiful layers are already an eye-catcher... The simpler the better 完全自家製的四層蛋糕, 分明的層次本身己是這個蛋糕的賣點, 太多裝飾反而會喧賓奪主!  有時簡單就是美 Red Bean White Chocolate Green Tea Mousse Cake 紅豆白朱古力綠茶慕士蛋糕 (makes a 6-inch cake  六寸份量) Ingredients 材料  Homemade organic red bean paste  自製有機蜜紅豆蓉 Organic red... Continue Reading →

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