Orange Chiffon Cupcakes 香橙雪芳小蛋糕

We are left with a carton of unsweetened mango-orange juice after a party. The juice was pretty good so I turned it into some cupcakes. These cupcakes are so soft and fluffy and can be served plain without any frosting. They make great snack for my kids after school. 前天開派對時剩下了一盒無糖芒果橙汁,EC覺得味道不錯,於是順手做了小蛋糕。這些蛋糕軟綿綿十分有彈性,完全不用加任何霜飾亦十分可口,做小朋友放學後的茶點就最好不過了! Orange Chiffon Cupcakes 香橙雪芳小蛋糕 Makes... Continue Reading →

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