Chocolate Espresso Nerikiri Mooncakes (Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free) 朱古力特濃咖啡日式練切月餅(無蛋、無奶製品、無麩質、無果仁)

This is the second flavor that I developed for my nerikiri mooncakes this year (read about my first flavor in the blog post, Sugar-Free Matcha and Red Bean Nerikiri Mooncakes). These no-bake mooncakes are similar to Japanese confectionery but a lot less sweet. Both the crust and filling are made with sweet white bean paste.... Continue Reading →

Sugar-Free Crispy Matcha Mooncakes With Sweet Red Bean Paste 無糖脆皮抹茶紅豆月餅

Here come my first batch of mooncakes of the year! This year I will mostly be focusing on the production of sugar-free mooncake as I started really late. Low sugar/sugar-free mooncakes are widely available in the market now. It's like every brand has its own line of sugar-free mooncakes so consumers have lots of options... Continue Reading →

Sweet Red Bean Paste 紅豆沙餡

I have been making mooncake fillings these couple of days (read about my sugar-free lotus seed paste here and coffee salted caramel white bean paste here). I'm sharing with you today how I made my red bean paste. This is a modified version of the red bean paste I used for my snowskin mooncakes last... Continue Reading →

Snow Skin Mooncakes 冰皮月餅

This is my first time ever making snow skin mooncakes and it wasn’t that hard at all! I’ve been experimenting with different flavors and filling the past two weeks. I created a variety of colorful mooncakes but to be honest, I think some tasted awful not every of them was my cup of tea. The... Continue Reading →

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