Mango Mousse Cake with Biscuit Crust (Eggless and No-bake) 芒果慕絲凍餅(無蛋,免焗)

This is nothing new. I just mingled some recipes and created another one. This is a mango mousse cake with a marie biscuit base. I added diced mango inside for more mango madness. Everything is easy peasy as there is no baking involved. It is particularly convenient for those who don't own an oven or... Continue Reading →

Mango Coconut Chiffon Cake 椰香芒果戚風蛋糕

This is another cake I made with coconut milk. The one before was made with dark brown sugar. This one was with white sugar and I added dried mango pieces to the batter (sometimes I would add toasted coconut flakes too). When baked, the dried mangoes would become soft and chewy. Have you ever bought... Continue Reading →

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