30% Kamut Bread Pain de Mie 30%卡姆小麥頂角吐司

This is a modification of my Basic White Bread Pain de Mie in which I replaced 30% of the white bread flour with organic Kamut flour in order to add more nutrients. I’ve made bread with a combination of whole wheat flour and Kamut flour before, read about my blog post Whole Wheat & Kamut... Continue Reading →

Whole Wheat & Kamut Pain de Mie (Tangzhong Method) 湯種全麥卡姆小麥頂角吐司

Recently I’ve been playing with my newly purchased pullman loaf pan. The advantage of using lidded bread pan is that it constrains the rising of the dough, resulting in loaves with a fine, tight crumb as well as perfectly square corners. Last week I made a tangzhong pullman loaf with 40% whole wheat flour, and... Continue Reading →

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