Chocolate Mousse Fruit Tart 朱古力慕絲鮮果撻

Here’s the recipe for a fruit tart I made for my daughter on her 13th birthday. When I asked her what she preferred, she said she loved my chocolate mousse and would like something with a crust as the base. I assume she was expecting my No Bake Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Chocolate Ganache... Continue Reading →

Mango Tart with Dark Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream 芒果撻配朱古力慕絲和卡士達醬

It was my son’s 8th birthday last week and instead of making a cake for him, I made a fruit tart. The tart shell was a tweak from Chocolate Mixed Berry Tartlets and I used pastry flour and icing sugar to make the texture more crumbly. In order to prevent the shell from being too... Continue Reading →

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