Sugar-Free Chocolate Eclairs with Mocha Whipped Cream 無糖朱古力閃電泡芙配摩卡忌廉

I shared my recipe for Mini Chocolate Éclairs back in 2016 and this time I’ve turned it into a sugar-free version. Believe it or not, the eclair shell itself, which is a kind of Choux pastry, doesn’t contain much sugar. All the sweetness comes from the filling and the glaze on top. I tested with... Continue Reading →

Mini Chocolate Éclairs 迷你朱古力閃電泡芙

An éclair is a finger-shaped French pastry made with choux paste (or pâte à choux), which is the same paste that is used for other French pastries such as profiterole (cream puffs), gougère, religieuse, croquembouche, Paris–Brest and St. Honoré. The flour is cooked with milk, water, sugar, salt and butter first to form a dough.... Continue Reading →

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