Dinner Rolls (Sponge Method) 牛油麵包卷(中種法)

This is a versatile sweet dough recipe that can be adapted easily. I’ve made HK Style Pineapple Buns with it and this time I’m making simple dinner rolls. The sponge dough method is pretty flexible and I usually prepare the sponge the day before I plan to bake and store it in the fridge. The … Continue reading Dinner Rolls (Sponge Method) 牛油麵包卷(中種法)

Milk Dinner Rolls (Tangzhong Method) 湯種牛奶小餐包

I am sharing with you today my recipe for a very tasty, soft and fluffy basic bread dough. It is made with a milk-based Tangzhong and proofed then baked in an oblong cake pan. Upon baking the rolls would attach to each other and become a pull-apart bread. When you tear the rolls apart you … Continue reading Milk Dinner Rolls (Tangzhong Method) 湯種牛奶小餐包