Purple Sweet Potato Swirl Steamed Buns (Mantou) 紫薯雙色饅頭

My younger son likes to eat plain Chinese steamed buns (mantou) recently. I made some with purple sweet potato for him last week and it took me three trials to get them right. 小兒子最近很愛吃饅頭,上星期EC以紫薯作了些饅頭給他吃,但試了三次才成功。 My first failure urged me to purchase a bamboo steamer. My pan wasn't deep enough so when I saw the buns... Continue Reading →

Bear-Shaped Chinese Steamed Buns (Mantou) 小熊造型饅頭

During my vacation in February I tried several kinds of steamed buns in Taipei. Since then I’ve developed an interest in Chinese steamed buns. These hot, soft and airy buns are just too good whether stuffed or plain! When we order steamed buns at the dim sum restaurant, my kids (and myself) always get very... Continue Reading →

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