Coffee and Baileys Macarons 咖啡Baileys馬卡龍

With a simple twist of my basic macaron recipe, this irresistible Coffee and Baileys macarons is born! 只要在原味馬卡龍上作少許更改,便成為有咖啡香又有酒香的馬卡龍了! For my tips for making French macarons, please visit my Mocha Macarons post. 有關EC的馬卡龍製作心得,請參閱Mocha馬卡龍。 Coffee and Baileys Macarons 咖啡Baileys馬卡龍 makes about 24 to 26 sandwiched cookies 約24至26個份量 Ingredients For the Coffee Macaron Shells 60 g egg whites... Continue Reading →

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