Sugar-Free Coconut Purple Sweet Potato Mochi 無糖椰香紫薯糯米糍

This is the sugar-free version of my Purple Sweet Potato Mochi. I used Swerve, which is a blend of erythritol and oligosaccharide, as the sweetener. Swerve is a like-for-like sugar replacement so the conversion is straight forward. Both mochi dough and filling were sweetened with Swerve. Inside the mochi was purple sweet potato filling and... Continue Reading →

Baked Red Bean and Coconut Sticky Rice Cake (Nian Gao) 焗紅豆椰汁糕 (烤年糕)

I know it is not Chinese New Year yet but my three-year-old son and I have made some Nian Gao (sticky rice cake) yesterday. My little boy was the chef and handled all the stirring and mixing and pouring for me. What I did was to measure the ingredients, melt the sugar in the milk and... Continue Reading →

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