Chocolate Cutout Cookies (Soft and Tender) 朱古力印模曲奇(鬆化口感)

This is my chocolate version of the cutout cookies that was adapted from Vanilla Bean Cutout Cookies in which I replaced 15% of the flour with unsweetened cocoa powder. The percentage of cocoa powder could be adjusted according to taste or the brand being used.這是朱古力口味印模牛油曲奇,配方修改自雲尼拿印模曲奇,EC把麵粉的15%改成無糖可可粉。由於不同牌子的可可粉濃度和個人口味有別,大家可自行增減可可粉的比例。 These cookies are very soft and tender in texture and... Continue Reading →

Vegan Chocolate Soft Cookies 純素朱古力軟曲奇

A friend of mine is allergic to eggs and dairy products. Recently she asked me if I have any baked good recipes that are egg and dairy free. I’ve replaced butter with oil or dairy-free butter and milk with soy, almond or cashew milk before. However, to be honest, I seldom exclude eggs in my... Continue Reading →

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