Bite-sized Chocolate Chip Cookies 迷你朱古力粒曲奇

I love to get my kids involved when I bake. Making their own snack from scratch and eating them has always been an enjoyable experience for them (but a nightmare for me because of the mess they make and the extra cleaning work they left behind). This bite-sized chocolate chip cookies is one of my … Continue reading Bite-sized Chocolate Chip Cookies 迷你朱古力粒曲奇

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies 黑朱古力粒曲奇

Baking is like doing science experiments, only that you get to eat your final products. There are different ways to tweak a cookie recipe to achieve different flavors and textures. After reading food blogs and articles like this, this, and this, and after playing experimenting with different types of sugars, flours, butter, and oven temperatures, I was finally able to … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies 黑朱古力粒曲奇