Mini Chinese Walnut Cookies 迷你合桃酥

There are various approaches to make Chinese walnut cookies. Different ingredients and mixing methods produce cookies with different flavors and textures. My walnut cookies evolved from the bite-sized Chinese almond cookies. They are crunchy, nutty and not overly sweet at all. The addition of chopped walnuts leads to extra texture. Once you munch on the … Continue reading Mini Chinese Walnut Cookies 迷你合桃酥

Chinese Almond Cookies (Bite-sized) 一口杏仁酥

This all happened last year...I finally got some time to sit down (with a cup of hot coffee) and blog about my adventure. With reference to a couple of cookbooks and online resources, as well as my previous baking experience, I was able to develop the Chinese almond cookie recipe that I truly love and … Continue reading Chinese Almond Cookies (Bite-sized) 一口杏仁酥

Scandinavian Rosettes 脆炸糖環 (賀年小吃)

I thought these pastries (炸糖環) were Chinese traditional stuffs only. You know, those thin and crispy deep fried cookies that are served during Chinese New Year. One day, I saw the cookie making tools on sale at Amazon.  It was called Rosette Iron and was only $5 (CDN)! I quickly ordered that online of course (yay...something new for me to … Continue reading Scandinavian Rosettes 脆炸糖環 (賀年小吃)