Sugar-Free Traditional Cantonese Mooncakes 無糖廣式蛋黃蓮蓉月餅

I want my family and friends who are diabetic to enjoy some special treats during this Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore I have been experimenting with sugar-free mooncakes since August. I made the mooncake crust with agave nectar last year. This year I tested it with oligosaccharide syrup and sweetened the filling with xylitol. Both ingredients are... Continue Reading →

Red Bean Mooncakes 廣式豆沙月餅

I made some Cantonese style mooncakes with red bean paste a couple of days ago. The crust of Cantonese mooncakes is rather thin, like paper thin, and has a dough/filling ratios of 1 to 4. The deep color of the filing makes the wrapping process very tricky as any unevenness will simply show through. To make... Continue Reading →

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